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JCB digger | Priestman Beaver | Ruston Bucyrus 220RH | Komatsu | Roughneck Skiploader | Shelvoke + Drewry Forklift | Hyster | Jones KL15 Crane | Fowler diesel engine

This old JCB lives on the farm where my brother keeps his horse. It dates from the early 1970's. The cab is gone. Its got the 3ft bucket fitted but I did spot 2 other buckets nearby.

John emailed this picture of a Priestman Beaver owned by a pal of his. He says "this particular machine was the very first Priestman Hydraulic excavator sold".

Another one of John's pictures. This time a Ruston Bucyrus 220RH.

Can anyone help with information about this great  loader? Lin believes it is a Komatsu KD S1. It is fitted with a Yanmar 2 cylinder 2HS 72 engine.


Lin needs information about the digger and engine please.


Close up of Yanmar engine

A consignment of Roughneck Skiploaders ready for the journey to Germany in the 1980's. I think that truck was known as a Ford "A" series. Photo by Wayne.

Shelvoke + Drewry Ltd Forklift belonging to Duncan. It has a Perkins engine and is ex-army as it has a plate with a broad arrow. This must be a pretty rare machine.

Shelvoke + Drewry Ltd

Shelvoke + Drewry rear view. Identification plate dates it to 1972 and it's still working! You can find out more about this specialist manufacturer by clicking here

This Hyster fork truck works in the same yard as the Shelvoke + Drewry. Thanks to Duncan for the pictures.

Bill's Jones KL15 crane. He says its capacity is 15 hundredweight and the engine is Fowler 4HP diesel. His Ruston Bucyrus 22RB is in the background

Jones KL15 Crane

Front view of Bill's KL15. This machine is about 50 years old but works very well indeed. The solid rubber tyres are badly worn,  pneumatic tyres were an option on this model.

Bill says, "original Coburn petrol engine was replaced with a Fowler diesel, it had to be shoe-horned in and the back cover extended the flywheel clears the frame by about 3mm!"